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Heathfield Celebration Pack

Enjoy current vintages of these popular wines

2 x Heathfield Cabernet Sauvignon
2 x Heathfield Shiraz
2 x Heathfield Vermentino


Free delivery for 4 or more packs.

The Publicans Celebration Pack

Enjoy current vintages of these popular wines

2 x Gun Traders Shiraz
2 x Wild Violet Sauvignon Blanc
2 x Shady Violet Pinot Gris


Free delivery for 4 or more packs.

2017 Heathfield Vermentino

Sweeping out from a limestone ridge, layers of the famous terra rossa soil hold firm to the roots of Heathfield’s vines. And its here, nestled between pristine nature reserves and distinguished wine regions, that the Tidswell family craft their cool climate varietal wines.

It’s a rugged land, but one that rewards those who can sit back and absorb its beauty with a glass of Heathfield Vermentino in hand.


The 2016/17 growing season was very different from the previous year, with much of our district recording very high rainfall and some flooding. This meant the vines were well set up for the growing season ahead. The storms that tracked across the state in December, fortunately bypassed our region and there was a late start to summer. The heat eventually did arrive in January and summer was long with lower temperatures on average, meaning slow ripening and a later harvest. The vines yielded well, producing generous bunches of ripe fruit.


Harvested at 12 Baume, it is a lighter style white Sardinian grape varietal.

The 2017 Heathfield Vermentino is aromatic and richly textured with firm acidity. Delightful citrus zest, pear and white peach flavours ensure a perfect match with various foods, especially seafood and leafy salads.

Serve chilled and consume within 2 years for optimal freshness.


GOLD MEDAL – Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2017


Free delivery for 4 or more packs.

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